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Brand Introduction

The brand  LUCY SHIH was established in 1993 by renown Hong Kong Fashion designer Lucy Shih. The brand was initially know for evening gowns and Haute Couture.

Lucy Shih has delivered an extensive range of products in addition to evening gowns. 2006 marked the introduction of Lucy Shih’s eco- friendly ready to wear collection. The brand has since developed and expanded its repertoire to include lifestyle products. (Furniture, accessory, bag and stationery collections.)

Lucy also collects new brands from all over the world to sold in her shop.

Lucy Shih這品牌是在1993年由香港時裝設計師施熙瑜創立。最初主售高级訂製晚裝,2006年向環保時装及飾品發展。2014在元創坊PMQ開設店舖Lucy Shih -Oecoeco。出售環保生活品味產品,包括時裝、飾物、袋、文具、禮品等。