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Some of Brands used to be sold and current available in our shop .


Our Story

Lucy Shih -Oecoeco 這個品牌名字中含 “eco” 的字樣,自然使人聯想起「生態」與「環境」。誠然我們提供的是崇尚綠色天然的安全產品,且在整個生產過程中注重生態環境的保護。除此之外,”eco” 的拉丁原文為 “Oeco”,即「家庭」的意思。因此,Oecoeco 是希望把每一件充滿愛與關懷的產品從顧客手中帶進他們的家庭裏。穿著及使用我們的產品,可讓你及你所愛的人感受到如在家中的舒適與安全,並體現你對家人的關愛。

Oecoeco 亦是年輕設計師學習與成長的「家」。她銳意裁培的新進設計師。藉此啓發及提升青少年的潛能,改變他們對生命的態度

As from the brand name “Lucy Shih -Oecoeco”, inside which you can see the word “eco”. This naturally enables you to associate it with “Ecological” or “Environmental”. In fact, Oecoeco is advocating green and natural safety products and pays full attention to ecological and environmental protection throughout the whole production process as well. Moreover, “eco” originates from the Latin word, “Oeco” which means “Family”. Therefore, Oecoeco intends to let our customers to take each piece of our products, being filled with love and care, back to their families.

The shop is also a home for Young Designer , Lucy like to collect new brands all over the world to sell in her shop.

Brands used to be sold and currently available in our shop